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Friends of the LRG-AF

Kirby Best is a pioneer in the development of the Print-on-Demand printing process  and has been instrumental in helping produce The Long Riders' Guild Literary Collection, the Classic Travel Books Collection and the new Equestrian Wisdom and History Literary Collection.

Brigadier General Dr. Thomas Murnane, DVM,  is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and an active member of the American Veterinary Medical History Society.   Dr. Murnane has been of immense help to the LRG-AF during our research into equine epizootics.

Kath Pennavaria is a leading university research librarian, whose extraordinary efforts to help locate and obtain rare and forgotten books have assisted The Long Riders' Guild Press in reviving these immensely valuable works of literary art.

Duncan J. D. Smith, Urban Explorer, Travel Writer, Historian & Photographer based in the heart of Europe.

Paula da Silva - is one of the premier equestrian photographers working in Europe today and supports The Long Riders' Guild.

Olivia Tackett is the technical support wizard at Lightning Source Inc. who has personally overseen the publication of nearly three hundred Long Riders' Guild Press titles in eight languages.   Thanks to Olivia, and her company's enlightened publishing philosophy, LSI has joined with The Long Riders' Guild to create an immense treasure-trove of equestrian and travel-related literature.