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Strider: The Story of Tolstoy’s Horse – Considered one of the most powerful equestrian tales ever written, Strider was written by Russia’s legendary author, Count Leo Tolstoy. It tells the story of Kholstomer, translated as Strider in English. Tolstoy’s timeless tale recounts a horse whose journey through life in many ways mirrors that of Black Beauty.


Tea with Tolstoy – Thomas Stevens had already made a name for himself by becoming the first man in history to bicycle around the world. Nevertheless, upon returning to New York his newspaper editor ordered to undertake another trip. This time he was to “ride across Russia on a mustang.” Not only did Stevens make the journey, along the way he stayed with Russia’s avid horseman, and celebrated author, Count Leo Tolstoy.

In terms of physical size, the late Joseph Allen was a diminutive man. He was, however, a giant in the book world. Owner of London’s famous “The Horseman’s Bookshop” and publisher of J. A. Allen equestrian books, Allen quietly influenced the English speaking equestrian world for much of the 20th century. Then, almost overnight, the tiny man with the big heart, as well as legendary bookshop, were gone without a trace. Here, in a moving story entitled, Portal to the Horse World, Allen’s wit, his wisdom and his magnificent literary legacy are described by Caroline Baldock,  a close friend who knew him well.

J. A. Allen himself wrote a short but enlightening article about his life and retirement.

Demise of Extraordinary Equestrian Scholar Bjarke Rink
A special obituary reveals how the Long Riders’ Guild Press was privileged to discover and then publish what has been described as a “revolutionary” book, written by an author of incredible talent and originality.

Jen Longshaw, New Zealand author and artist, has written a delightful story about Anna Sewell, the author of Black Beauty whose Quaker family lived by a creed of love for all and compassion for animals.