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Vatican versus the Vikings

The Roots of the American Horse-Eating Taboo


Tom Moates

Thanks to exclusive research material provided by The Long Riders' Guild Academic Foundation, the equestrian journalist, Tom Moates, has written a stunning exposé describing how the American cultural taboo against eating horse-meat is based on a forgotten edict issued by Pope Gregory III in the year 732.  When the Catholic Church found itself locked in religious combat with the Pagan Vikings, who ate horse-meat during their religious ceremonies, the Vatican created a prohibition which not only affected Christian history but is unwittingly still being obeyed by Americans today.

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Or you can read the story online at the international equestrian news service, Horsetalk.

The LRG-AF would like to thank our allies at Horse Connection magazine for having the editorial courage to publish this story.  To learn more about Horse Connection, please go to their website.

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