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Long Rider Images

Avid English Long Rider, Charles Darwin, rode on four continents during the time he was making his voyage on the Beagle.  He is seen here on his horse, Tommy.

Cossack Long Rider Mikael Asseyev rode from Kiev to Paris in 1889.

During his 1920s journey from Buenos Aires to Washington, Swiss Long Rider Aimé Tschiffely took his horse Gato across a chasm in the Andes.

In 1910, Little Long Riders - Bud and Temple Abernathy - rode from New York to San Francisco in 62 days.


Scottish Long Rider, Catherine de Bourboulon, rode from Shanghai to Moscow in the mid-nineteenth century.

Swedish Long Rider, Countess Linde von Rosen, rode extensively through Europe in the 1920s.

Swiss Long Rider, Otto Schwarz, rode 48,000 kilometres on five continents in the late twentieth century.

While journeying from Siberia to India, French Long Rider Gabriel Bonvalot, rode over the Pamir Mountains in 1887.

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