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Various types of Military Riders

Alexander the Great on Bucephelus

American cavalry man, circa 1875 Indian Wars

American Civil War General, circa 1865

American Sergeant, circa 1890

American Trooper, circa 1813

Argentine Lancer

Austrian Soldier with Haflinger Pack Horse, travelling through the Alps

Bodyguard of the Sheikh of Bornou, Nigeria

Brazilian Indian

Circassian Mountaineer

Chinese Cavalry on "anti-terrorism" manoeuvres

Chinese Soldier and his Horse prepare to participate in exercises during a nuclear test

England - Civil War lobster helmet, armour and buff leather coat, circa 1660

England - Cornet Wilkin at the Crimean War, circa 1854

England - Corporal Coleman in Burma

England - Lifeguardsman

England - Second World War Cavalryman

European Heavy Cavalry Boots, could be worn on either foot

French - North African Chasseur

French - Chevalier

French - Knight

French Tricorn Hat with metal safety frame

German - First World War Uhlan

German - First World War

German - Second World War

India - British Raj-era Lancer

Japanese Samurai

Latvian Cavalryman


Mughal Armoured Cavalrymen

Ottoman Armoured Knight

Ottoman Light Cavalryman

Ottoman Warriors

Polish Winged Hussar

Russian dying First World War Cavalry Officer and his Horse

Russian Soviet General

Siberian Yakut Horseman, riding in -64 degree weather

Swedish Cavalry Officer

Switzerland - Cold Picket Line

Switzerland - Pack Horses in the Alps

Switzerland - troops transport a horse across an Alpine river

Tibetan Armoured Cavalryman


Viking Raider

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