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Various Types of Miscellaneous Riders

African-American and Hispanic Cowboys, circa 1915

Always take a horse you can drive with one hand!

Centaur at the village blacksmith's shop

Chinese mule and cart, circa 1900.


The Duke of Orleans

Edwardian-era equestrian romance

European refugee, 1939

Famous African explorer, Osa Johnson, on her trained zebra, circa 1930

Flying Childers, legendary race-horse, circa 1720

In the jungles of South America

Irish hay-wagon, circa 1975

Mountain trail in Northern India, circa 1930

Movie cowboy, Colonel Tim McCoy, circa 1925

On the trail in the Rockies, circa 1900

Ottoman emperor, Sultan Selim

Packing a horse, American style

President Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II, 1982

Sand dunes

School wagon, circa 1909

Shah of Persia

Shipping horses aboard ship, circa 1900

Skiing in France, circa 1910

Sleeping with the reins

Spanish-Californian Patron, circa 1800

Swimming the horse across a river

The 'little gentleman' on his rocking-horse, circa 1890

Topsy and the laughing baby


Transition in female riding fashion, circa 1915

Twig bridge

Prince Essat of Albania, circa 1900

Professor Rouhet and his stallion, Germinal

Transition to the air age

Grandpa and his mare, Sarah

When the riding horse becomes the pack horse

Way out West in Brooklyn, circa 1920

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