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A Day in the life of a Cavalry Troop Horse

by Frank Wilson

(Click on any image to enlarge it.)

As the sun rose we were woken by a trumpeter, and, after water, feed....

... and a rub down, Sultan Khan used to arrive to saddle me up.

Then we went on parade and were inspected by our officer, on his very grand charger.  The horse next but one to me took a delight in biting him.

After this we might do some drill at the gallop.  Some horse always ran away.  We called them "shooting stars."

Perhaps we would do dummy thrusting.  I enjoyed this as Sultan Khan had good hands and the jumps were no effort.

Then came stables.  The Colonel Sahib followed by all the important ones would come around and point out all the thin horses.  He would order teeth to be filed, feed changed or unpleasant medicine to be given.

In the evenings we sometimes had tent pegging, which we all enjoyed, or...

... were taken out to graze and watch our better bred brothers play polo.

At last the day came to an end and horses and men settled down to a quiet gossip.

The only other distraction before dawn came again, was the orderly officer, who usually caught me eating my bedding.


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