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Trooper Christiana Davis,
6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons

by Lieut.-Colonel Sir Arthur Leetham, C.M.G.

During the reign of King William III. Mrs. Christiana Davis served as a dragoon in Conyngham's Eniskillen Dragoons for several years undiscovered.

On July 12, 1691, at the battle of Aghrim in Ireland, she received a wound and her sex became revealed; she had previously displayed great valour. Subsequently she went to Flanders, being employed to serve her comrades with water and other necessaries, even up to the cannon's mouth. For her courageous behaviour she obtained an allowance from Chelsea Hospital of one shilling per day until her death.

She married her third husband, a pensioner named Welsh, of the Royal Hospital, and resided the latter part of her life in Chelsea, near the Royal Hospital. She expired in 1739 and was buried, according to her own desire, among the old pensioners in Chelsea Hospital burial-ground, and three volleys were fired over her grave. The name 'Welsh' is still legible upon her gravestone.

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