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Sikunder's Law: an Appeal for Equestrian Justice


After having spent ten years constant labour creating the Long Riders’ Guild, its library and scientific foundation, and having helped more than a hundred equestrian expeditions take the field, in the summer of 2010, Basha and CuChullaine O’Reilly prepared to depart on an historic equestrian journey.


Though twelve men have walked on the moon, no human being had ever ridden a horse around the planet. The O’Reillys' mission was to ride 12,000 miles along the Equestrian Equator that girdles our globe.


Regrettably the ride was halted in France, not by bandits or bureaucrats, nor any of the usual challenges which so often end an equestrian expedition. In what appears to be the first such occurrence in modern Long Rider history, the O’Reillys' horses were harmed by the trainer entrusted with their care.


CuChullaine’s horse, Sikunder, was so physically abused he became unrideable and nearly dragged his rider to death. While Basha’s famous Cossack stallion, Count Pompeii, whose flying logo graces the Long Rider website, was systematically starved.


There has been an alarming expansion of such unlicensed individuals who claim to be responsible equine trainers. By attending a clinic, watching videos, or even claiming to be divinely guided, these people can tell a trusting public that they are knowledgeable horse trainers.


Britain’s House of Commons is currently investigating cases such as Sikunder’s. A special governmental report urges the passing of a new law which, “must safeguard the health and welfare of animals and also protect them, and their owners, from those who offer potentially dangerous treatments without sufficient knowledge or training.”


Likewise, academics and ethical trainers are lending their voices to a growing international effort to bring justice to horse training.


Dr. Debbie Goodwin, who is the President of the International Society of Equestrian study, warned, “When training fails, horses suffer and may pay the ultimate penalty with their lives. They can do nothing to remedy this situation. That responsibility is ours.”


Armed with the evidence of how these predatory humans are harming horses, bewitching the public and avoiding governmental controls, the Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation is calling for the creation of a legal Code of Conduct for horse trainers, as well as the passing of Sikunder’s Law, which would make it illegal for horses to be cruelly treated while being trained.


New!  Horsemen write with their experiences!



For a detailed explanation on what happened to Sikunder, please click here.

To read what many academics and scientists say about the potential cruelty and uselessness of many of the training techniques, click here.


Read this online article on Explorers Web, and this long article on Horsetalk.


YouTube Videos: 


"Sikunder's Law" (in English avec sous-titres en Français)

"Toxic Trainers" (in English)

"Entraineurs Toxiques" (en Français)


If your horse was injured by an unlicensed trainer, or you know of any other horse abused in this way, please tell The Long Riders Guild.  If you do not wish to be identified, The Guild will respect your privacy.

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